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Fab Fic Friday: Littlewood, Tidhar, Bear, El-Mohtar

Goood morning my lovelies.  Here are some of the short fic I’ve been loving this week –

nighmare july 15Wolves and Witches and Bears by Alison Littlewood – Nightmare #34/July 2015
In which Nick and Ella go on holiday to Croatia to try and reconnect, but when Nick’s choice of a walking route ends in trouble, Ella must dig deep into herself to come to the rescue. But digging deep brings its own dangers and Ella will be forever transformed by the results.  This is an enthralling tale with as much satisfaction to be found in Nick’s suggested fate as there is in Ella’s.

Flash by Lavie Tidhar – Daily Science Fiction/June 2015
It’s a fun and pointed flash piece, being something of a behind the scenes account of what really happened that time a certain planetary overlord was deposed.

Swell by Elizabeth Bear – Mermaids and Other Mysteries of the Deep, ed. Paula Guran (Prime Books)
Mermaids! Elizabeth Bear! Did you need more? Oh, well, ok then…this one tells of a musician’s encounter with a mysterious blind girl and the aftermath of a night spent together.  It’s a beautiful tale that weaves finding your own voice with not taking the easy option and is a bit reminiscent of some of de Lint’s Newford stories.

Madeleine by Amal El-Mohtar – Lightspeed #61/June 2015
This is a wonderfully moving story and no description would truly do it justice.  It tells of grief and loneliness and altered mental realities; and there’s also something mildly disturbing about the speed with which Madeleine’s therapist can get her institutionalised when she speaks about the interactive memory flashes she’s experiencing after participation in an Alzheimers drug trial.

Blogging about blogs

Despite being fully ensconced in the last (hurrah!) assignment of the current history module, it occurs that an exo-bloggage round up is due.  Thusly, here’s what’s been happening…

On Shiny Shorts we’ve recently had reviews of The Satyr’s Head: Tales of Terror, Julian: A Christmas Story, Something Wicked #19 and Rough Music,with reviews due soon for Shimmer #14, Mammoth Book of Body Horror, The Respectable Face of Tyranny, Adrift on the Sea of Rains, and, ooh, many more… We also welcomed to the fold new reviewers Jennifer Rickard and Mario Guslandi.  (And are always looking for more volunteers to join us…)

Over on Girls’ Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse I’ve posted on artefacts to save the world and the fairy apocalypse, and from the rest of the gang there’s more gadgets and music posts, Ask the Experts with Chris Farnell, guest post from Dana Fredsti as part of her Plague Town blog tour, musings on the loss of the internet, zombie hamsters, the easter bonnet of the apocalypse, a little something on the Hunger Games, in Know Your Idols we have Commander Shepard for the Mass Effect fans and Donna Noble for the Whovians, there’s also survival tricks our mothers taught us and a warning about the haggis apocalypse

What’s not to love?  😉