Short Stories:

‘Once and Future Queen’ – Par-Sec Magazine (tbp 2022/3)
‘Shadows of Kalan Gwav’ – Patreon fiction/Beachcombers Tier, February 2022
‘And Pearls for Her Eyes’ – Patreon fiction/free, January 2022
‘Eat the Rich’ – (flash fiction) Patreon fiction/free, December 2021
‘The Tide Price’ – Patreon fiction/Chasing Mermaids Tier, December 2021
‘Songs in the Dark’ – The Alchemy Press Book of Horrors 3: A Miscellany of Monsters (Alchemy Press, October 2021)
‘Rapture on the Lonely Shore’ –  The Fox Spirit Book of Love (Fox Spirit Books, April 2021)
‘Down Along the Backroads’ – The Alchemy Press Book of Horrors (Alchemy Press, November 2018) **Honourable Mention in The Best Horror of the Year Volume Eleven edited by Ellen Datlow**
‘Dead Women’s Tales’ – Fox Pockets Vol. 8: Piercing the Vale (Fox Spirit Books, May 2016)
‘The Strongest Conjuration’ – Fox Pockets Vol. 7: In An Unknown Country (Fox Spirit Books, February 2016)
‘In Darkness Dreaming’ – Fox Pockets Vol. 6: Things in the Dark (Fox Spirit Books, December 2015)
‘Hunting Ground’ – Twisted Boulevard: An Urban Fantasy Anthology (Elektrik Milk Bath Press, March 2014)
‘To Fox Tor Mire’ – Fox Pockets Vol. 2: Shapeshifters (Fox Spirit Books, December 2013)
‘Past Lives’ – Fox Pockets Vol. 1: Piracy (Fox Spirit Books, June 2013)
‘Aftermath’ – Dark Horizons #44  (BFS, 2003)
‘Whatever Happened to Count Dracula?’ – Graveyard Rendezvous #15 (July 1997)

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