Fearless Genre Warriors

Fearless Genre Warriors: A Fox Spirit Sampler

Fearless Genre Warriors Cover

With illustrations by Kieran Walsh and cover art by Vincent Holland-Keen, Fearless Genre Warriors: A Fox Spirit Sampler brings you a selection of twenty six short stories, three poems, and two pieces of non-fiction pulled from the full range of Fox Spirit Books anthologies and collections!

You’ll find folklore and fairytales told with humour and heart, ancient gods in far-flung times, ravens and foxes, shamans and sacrifice and earthquake gods, werewolves and faeries and mad science, classic tales seen anew, fiction and reality colliding, bards and dragons and mighty heroes, oh my!

You’ll also find the tales told in the graveyard hours, twilight terrors and pre-dawn dread. There’s tales of death and resurrection, human monsters and monsters of legend, tricksy creatures both fae and other, from desert and hillside and moor, to the depths of space and the deepest sea. Stories of transformation and transference, of hope and revolution and survival and moving on. Stories where worlds are changed, new homes found, and lives altered for the better.

Part One: Fables and Fabulations
The Dragon’s Maw – Cheryl Morgan
Palakainen – K. A. Laity
The Band of Straw and Silver – Andrew Reid
From the Womb of the Land, Our Bones Entwined – A.J. Fitzwater
The Itch of Iron, the Pull of the Moon – Carol Borden
Tits Up in Wonderland – C.A. Yates
The Fragrance of You – Steven Savile
Kumiho – V.C. Linde
The Ballad of Gilrain – Sarah Cawkwell
Art is War – Alasdair Stuart

Part Two: Before Dawn
The Alternative La Belle Dame Sans Merci – Jan Siegel
Thandiwe’s Tokoloshe – Nick Wood
Unravel – Ren Warom
The Cillini – Tracy Fahey
Katabasis – K.T. Davies
Train Tracks – W.P. Johnson
Sharkadelic – Ian Whates
Feeding the Fish – Carol Borden
Antichristine – James Bennett
Lucille – Alec McQuay
Carlos – K. A. Laity
A Very Modern Monster – Aliya Whitely

Part Three: Touch Magic, Pass it On
You Are Old, Lady Vilma – Jan Siegel
Winter in the Vivarium – Tim Major
Always a Dancer – Steve Lockley
The End of the World – Margrét Helgadóttir
The Holy Hour – C.A. Yates
In the Mouth of the Beast – Li Huijia
Kokuri’s Palace – Yukimi Ogawa
A Change of Heart – Gaie Sebold
Indiana Jones and the Pyramid of Envy – Alasdair Stuart

Fearless Genre Warriors is available to download in mobi or epub formats, for absolute nada, from the Fox Spirit Books website.

You can get your free copy direct from the Fox Spirit Store here