About Me

jenbWriter, editor, history & mythology geek, short story fanatic and geek wanderer. I live just outside of Reading in the UK and work as a minion of all trades for various family businesses.   

I write and edit SFF/Horror as Jenny Barber, write Mind/Body/Spirit non-fiction as Ann J. Clark and have various paranormal romance and travel writing projects in the pipeline!

Random Other Bits:

For writing and editing check out the other pages on the site.

I’ve slushed for Fantasy Magazine, Lightspeed Magazine and the BFS’ Dark Horizons magazine, and served on the judging panel for the BFS Sydney J Bounds Best Newcomer Award in 2010, 2011 & 2012. (And had the great terror… er, pleasure of co-presenting the award at Fcon 2010. Incriminating video here!)

I’ve done a bit of con-gofering at Fantasycon where I could usually be found on Registration, have been known to serve on the Fcon committee (2000-2007), and even organised it a couple of times. (2006 & 2007).

Earned a History BA (hons) with the Open University. (Woohoo!)


Urban Mythic #1 interview by Peter Coleborn at the Alchemy Press site here. (December 2013)
Interviewed as part of the Apocalypse Girls blog at Pornokitsch here. (January 2012)

And if you like what I do, feel free to support me by:
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