Wicked Women Blogfest Incoming!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00024]With the one year book birthday of Wicked Women upon us, we thought we’d take this opportunity to have a whole month (or so) of wicked women.  From now until end of January hang tight for interviews with the authors, artist and publisher; a look at wicked women we have a fondness for; and to finish off there’ll be a fabulous Fox Spirit Wicked Women giveaway!  (Swag, darlings, swag!)

Up until Xmas you can expect to see:

9th December – Interview with Juliet E. McKenna

14th December – Interview with Christine Morgan

16th December – Name of the Beast

18th December – Interview with Tom Johnstone

21st December – Interview with A. R. Aston

23rd December – Interview with Adrian Tchaikovsky

With much more to follow, so keep tuned and stay wicked!

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