Ancient Wonders Goes Ebook!

wonders1Oh yes my fine and funky people, Ancient Wonders is now officially up on the Kindle.  Available from Amazon UK here for the bargain price of £3.28 (and a variety of prices from the other Amazons) but if you’d prefer an epub format, email Peter Coleborn via  alchemypress[at] and he’ll sell you it directly (and if you ask nice, he can probably sort you out with a DRM free mobi copy if you object to the Amazon locked version.)  Paperback editions are still available for those that prefer their stories dead-tree, so either way, you, gallant reader, have nothing but win!

And if you’ve forgotten what loveliness awaits behind that glorious piece of Dominic Harman artwork, then check it out:

A fabulous introduction by Kari Sperring
Adrian Tchaikovsky – Bones
James Brogden – If Street
Shannon Connor Winward – Passage
Pauline E. Dungate – One Man’s Folly
Anne Nicholls – Dragonsbridge
Peter Crowther – Gandalph Cohen and the Land at the End of the Working Day
Misha Herwin – The Satan Stones
Lynn M. Cochrane – Ringfenced
Bryn Fortey – Ithica or Bust
Adrian Cole – The Sound of Distant Gunfire
William Meikle – The Cauldron of Camulos
John Howard – Time and the City
Selina Lock – The Great and Powerful
Aliette de Bodard – Ys

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