More funky things…

So today saw the delivery of the books for my next history module – this one being on Empires and a level 3 course (gulp).  But, still, shiny new books with shiny new book smells!  Alas, the new OU policy of not letting you know your assignments until the website officially opens at end of the month has completely buggered my intentions of getting ahead of things… Ah well, there’s still lovely booksies to read…

In other news, the fabulous Adele over at her new imprint Fox Spirit, has just published the excellent sounding Tales of the Nun and Dragon…  Behold! The cover….


Have got my copy and will be reading it ever so shortly…

In other-other news, I do believe I have found the perfect hairstyle thingy for evil-twin’s Wedding-of-the-Century.


Thank you Katy Perry for doing all the work and modelling it! Nice and simple and purple!

Oh, and, of course, I really should be mentioning that order details for that there Alchemy Press Book of Ancient Wonders are emerging -paperback editions available from Amazon UK, Amazon USABarnes & Noble or The Book Depository for £10 / $15 – though can be had for the bargain price of £8 if you buy it at Fantasycon in a couple of weeks.  No news on the e-book editions as yet, but rumour has it our beloved publisher is working hard to crunch files and sort that out…

Annnnnnd, not only that, but m’fine and funky co-editor Jan and I will be doing another anthology next year – that one will be the APB of Urban Mythic and details on that shall be forthcoming after Fantasycon…

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