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Hello and welcome to the website of Jenny Barber – writer & anthology editor!

Here you’ll find everything about my F/SF/Horror writing, anthology editing, and other related bits.

My latest project is the magnificent Mermaids of St Senara universe – check out my patreon here for monthly stories and information about the world of St Senara.

Elsewhere you can find me on tumblr, twitter and occasionally instagram as @jenqoe

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My current works in progress are a varied selection of short fiction set in my Mermaids of St Senara universe, some of which can be found on my patreon here.

My story ‘Songs in the Dark’ will be out in the Alchemy Press Book of Horrors #3: A Miscellany of Monsters on 31st October 2021.  You can pre-order the paperback here. This story is part of the Mermaids of St Senara universe.

My story ‘Rapture on the Lonely Shore’ is out now in the Fox Spirit Book of Love. Available direct from the Fox Spirit Store or from Amzn.  This story is also part of the Mermaids of St Senara universe.

My story ‘Down Along the Backroads’ as found in the Alchemy Press Book of Horrors #1 garnered an honourable mention by Ellen Datlow in her The Best Horror of the Year Volume Eleven.

As editor my most recent publication is the Fearless Genre Warriors sampler anthology for Fox Spirit Books.  (Available free in their store here!)

Otherwise, my most recent non-fiction books are Let’s Try Runes and Let’s Try Cartomancy.  (Check out my Buy the Books link to get your hands on those lovelies!